Facilitating healthy
movement for a lifetime

Unlock your physical potential.

How it works

You envision your optimal performance.
We design your journey to achieve  it.

Comprehensive assessment

Full body evaluation

We complete a full body musculoskeletal evaluation looking at mobility, strength, balance, stiffness, hypermobility, and pain points.

In session delivery

Customized movement program design

Based on our findings, we build a tailored movement and exercise program to correct imbalances, reduce pain, improve resiliency, and achieve goals.

Personalized to your lifestyle

Goal setting

Each client engages in a comprehensive  goal setting process to map out where they see themselves in the future.

Lasting results

Habit development and accountability

All clients build a daily movement habit and are held accountable through a method of their choosing.


See what
people are saying.

“Josh is truly a miracle worker!  He is knowledgeable,  patient, kind, and wise, and a pleasure to work with. After struggling for at least two years with persistent lower back pain, walking and standing had become very painful for me.  Thanks, Josh, for restoring my mobility in record time, and for helping to improve my quality of life exponentially.” 


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“After suffering a stroke in May 2019, I had the privilege to work with Josh as I began the long journey of recovery. I was in the midst of what was the darkest and lowest point of my life. In addition to the physical deficits caused by the stroke, I was suffering from considerable psychological deficits as well. As a physical therapist, Josh could have focused solely on my physical well-being, but he willingly took on the herculean task of a more holistic approach. While he pushed and challenged me physically, he also challenged me to face the demons that were holding me back, and he did so with great patience and sensitivity. In short, I would not be where I am now, without his expert help. As I was getting ready to be discharged from the rehab center, he gave me some important advice. He told me to set myself up for success....your best chance of success is with Josh and EnPhysion Health!”

Fashion Buyer, Aje

“I am a 64 year old woman who began having great pain and difficulty with general movement and ambulation. I honestly felt that I was destined for a wheelchair or walker and was feeling kind of hopeless. I had x-rays which showed just minimal arthritis in knees and hips, nothing to cause the pain I was experiencing. I began therapy at the local providers and after a month, had little improvement. I knew Josh and he said he could help me so I agreed to give him a try. He had put together a new business for people like me, an aging woman wanting to stay active into my retirement years.

I had a beginning interview and was given exercises to address my physical needs and personal goals. Josh explained what was going on in my body with nerve systems and spinal concerns. I saw improvement in days and I have maintained these improvements. I won’t tell you that it is all Josh because I have to do the work. I was motivated by my level of disability when we started and Josh has made it fairly easy with the online program and our monthly review and adjustments in my program. He listens and encourages. I plan on continuing this course of action as I desire to live a fairly active life into retirement. I highly recommend Enphysion Health.”

Fashion Buyer, Aje

“Josh Kaplan is a dedicated, compassionate, focused and highly knowledgeable professional who does a wonderful job helping clients to target and overcome personal physical challenges and obstacles.

I find Josh to be very accessible and committed to helping me focus on progress and setbacks and he takes the time to analyze with great specificity, what exactly is happening in my body and where, so that exercises can be created to alleviate those stressors.

I highly recommend Josh to anyone seeking a personal training and exercise experience that is custom-made and targeted to each individual’s needs.”

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“What we like most about working with Data Genomix is how dedicated each and every team member is to our organization. Many a time, partnering with an external company becomes difficult, and creating results that align with our vision is near impossible, but this experience has been anything but.”

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“Working with Data Genomix changed our brand for the better. The digital-first paid advertising approach led by Data Genomix made a huge impact on how we are perceived in the community. We now are seen as a partner to make this a better place to live, we have the support of the community.”

Public relations campaign

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“The Data Genomix dashboard has changed the way not only our marketing and PR department operates, but our entire organization. We can now give the C-Suite direct access to the KPI’s that matter to them, with no clutter or requiring my team to pull information every week.”

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